“Situated between Arnhem and Zutphen and officially the smallest town in the Netherlands, Bronkhorst’s history goes back for 1000 years. Today, this pretty tourist village is served by the AN 48 with regular bus service from Zutphen Train Station (no. 52) The small, beautifully maintained cemetery is open at all times, reached either by footpath from behind the house known as the ‘Heeren van Brokenhorst’ or via the street named the ’t.Hof’ that leads from the wider Onderstraat. An excellent leaflet entitled “Town Walk through Bronkhorst” can be bought at the Dickens Museum (no kidding!) situated on the Onderstraat. Only eighteen tombstones remain standing, all of which have been recorded and submitted to the project, with the exception of one which is inscribed in Hebrew text only. The earliest burial dates from 1876, the most recent from 1963.”

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